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Always Antisocial - Always Antifascist

 Women t-shirt

Always Antisocial - Always Antifascist - Anti-fascist


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T-shirt Always Antisocial - Always Antifascist
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Organic T-shirt Always Antisocial - Always Antifascist
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Antifa Two-Flags Logo Women T-shirts

The two-flags Antifa logo is inspired by the original logo of the Antifaschistische Aktion a militant anti-fascist organization in Germany that existed from 1932 to 1933. It remains a widely used symbol of militant anti-fascism. The black flag represents anarchism and the red flag represents communists, both united against fascism.

Antifascist (word) Women T-shirts

Anti-fascism is a political movement in opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. Beginning in European countries in the 1920s, it was at its most significant during World War II, where the nazis and fascists were opposed to dozens of resistance movements worldwide. Anti-fascism has been an element of movements across the political spectrum and holding many different political positions such as anarchism, communism, anti-capitalism, republicanism, social democracy, socialism, and syndicalism.
After World War II, the anti-fascist movement continued to be active in places where organized fascism continued or re-emerged. There was a resurgence of Antifa in Germany…   Read more

Sometimes Antisocial Women T-shirts

"Sometimes Antisocial Always Antifascist" is a popular anti-fascist slogan inspired by the name of an album by the german skinhead band Stage Bottles

Against Women T-shirts


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