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Le pouvoir est maudit, c'est pour cela que je suis anarchiste (Louise Michel)

 Women tank top

Le pouvoir est maudit, c'est pour cela que je suis anarchiste (Louise Michel) - Activist


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Women's Longer Length Fitted Tank

This slim-fitting long-length tank has a flattering neckline and cut make this tank top a unique addition to your wardrobe. The fabric is made from pre-shrunk 57% cotton 38% polyester and 5% spandex and has a fabric weight of 4.0 oz. Style: Men / Unisex
Fit: Slimmer fit
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Product measures: Women's Longer Length Fitted Tank

Fit: Slimmer fit

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Paris Commune Women tank tops

The Paris Commune was the main insurrectionary commune of France in 1870-1871, based on direct democracy and established in Paris from 18 March to 28 May 1871. The Commune governed Paris for two months, establishing policies that tended toward a progressive, anti-religious system of social democracy, including the separation of church and state, self-policing, the remission of rent during the siege, the abolition of child labor, and the right of employees to take over an enterprise deserted by its owner. Feminist, socialist, and anarchist currents played important roles in the Commune. However, they had very little time to achieve their respective goals. Debates over the policies and…   Read more

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T-shirts featuring quotes by famous writers, historical figures, famous unionists, anarchist philosophers, and famous feminists.

Who is Louise Michel?

Louise Michel was a french anarchist and important figure in the Paris Commune. Her use of a black flag at a demonstration in Paris in March 1883 was also the earliest known of what would become known as the anarchy black flag. Louise Michel is regarded as a founder of anarcho-feminism. Despite the anti-authoritarian rhetoric, early anarchist thinkers maintained cultural orthodoxy when it came to the division of domestic labor and their personal relationships with women. The founder of French anarchism, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was notorious for his sexist views. Michel, Teresa Claramunt, Lucy Parsons, Voltairine de Cleyre, and Emma Goldman became prominent figures in the late 19th-century…   Read more

Quotes Women tank tops

Inspiring quotes by political activists, anarchist philosophers, and famous writers.

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