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Dirt - Band Merch

DIRT (Death Is Reality Today) were an English anarcho-punk band from London, England. Initially formed in 1980 (with a core line-up of Gary Buckley, Deno, Fox, Lou and Vomit), the band frequently played with fellow anarchists Crass, before releasing their first EP, Object, Refuse, Reject, Abuse on the Crass Records label. Their second release, Never Mind Dirt, Here's the Bollocks, also on the Crass label, was a live LP released in 1983. The band went into a brief hiatus after 1982 when they took to the road again (Gary and Deno recruiting new members Stuart, Paul and Richard) and recorded the Just An Error album, after which they split in 1986.
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Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse
Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse

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