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Yacopsae power violence

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Yacopsae power violence  - Band Merch


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Yacopsae (band) T-shirts

YACØPSÆ is a german Hardcore-Punk/ Thrashcore band, formed in 1990. Band members: Stoffel (guitar/ voKills, since August 1990), Frank (bass, since January 1996) and Emu (drums, since May 1992). Still active, they have played almost 300 shows all over the world. The band was formed in August 1990 in Hamburg when Stoffel (guitar/ vocals) met Pattex (drums), painting his room in a squad. After a small talk, both decided to start an ultrafast Hardcore-Punk band, because their old bands had been split up. YACØPSÆ are inspired and influenced by bands such as LÄRM, ELECTRO HIPPIES, NUNFUCKERS, and SEPTIC DEATH, among many others. After a couple of months they decided to choose the name ?Yacøpsæ?,…   Read more

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