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Tierra Y Libertad (Emiliano Zapata)

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Tierra Y Libertad (Emiliano Zapata) - Zapatista


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Who is Emiliano Zapata?

Emiliano Zapata Salazar became a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920, the main leader of the people's revolution in the Mexican state of Morelos, and the inspiration of the agrarian movement called Zapatismo. Zapata remains an iconic figure in Mexico, used as a symbol of the neo-Zapatista movement, and his influence continues to this day, particularly in revolutionary tendencies in southern Mexico.
Many popular organizations take their name from Zapata, most notably the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional or EZLN in Spanish), the Neozapatismo group that emerged in the state of Chiapas in 1983 and precipitated the…   Read more

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The term "Zapatistas" broadly refers to the group of people participating in the anti-globalization struggle for democracy and land reform in Chiapas, Mexico, organized around the EZLN (Zapatista National Liberation Front). With the goal of disrupting the state and creating a space for the "democratization of democracy," the EZLN guerrilla forces, in cooperation with indigenous peoples, incited a rebellion in Chiapas in January 1994. Though the signing of NAFTA is generally agreed to be the most direct catalyst for the rebellion, additional significant factors include a combination of ecological crisis, lack of available productive land, the drying up of nonagricultural sources of income,…   Read more

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