1) Shipping costs
2) Shipping delays
3) I still have not received my order, what should I do ?
4) Is there any duty fees ?
5) Refund or exchange
6) T-shirts measures and sizes
7) Where are the t-shirt produced at ?
8) Where are going the profits ?
9) I am an artist and I would like to contribute to the shop
10) Payment
11) Work conditions and information on the t-shirt production
12) Information on locally produced t-shirts
13) Why so many t-shirt designs ?
14) What quality ? What printing method ?
15) How to contact us ?
16) Management of the shop
17) You don't ship to my country, what can I do ?
18) Secure connection ?

1) Shipping costs

Click here to see our detailled shipping costs for each countries

2) Shipping delays

Our t-shirts are shipped from united states.
United States: 4 to 5 days
Canada: 5 to 10 days
Overseas: usually 1 to 2 weeks. Maximum 3 weeks.

3) I still have not received my order, what should I do ?

Don't worry, so far all our orders arrived to destination. If you have not received anything after 1 month, contact us and you will be refunded.

4) Is there any duty fees ?

So far, none of our clients had to pay duty fees. Duty fees are usually charged by private companies like UPS or FedEx. We ship with USPS standard post so there will not be any duty fees to pay when your order is delivered.

5) Refund or exchange

If there is an error in your order or if you are not satisfacted with the quality, contact us to get a refund or an exchange. You will have to return the t-shirts to the printer company. Buyer pays return fees.

6) T-shirts measures and sizes

To see the size of different t-shirts, choose a category:

Men's t-shirts size
Womens's t-shirts size
Made in USA t-shirts size
Long sleeves size
3XL & 4XL t-shirts size
Hooded sweatshirts

Note: All sizes are in inches.

7) Where are the t-shirts produced at ?

All of our t-shirts are printed by an american company very respectuous of worker's rights.
We offer two types of t-shirts to print on : imported or produced locally (American Apparel), it's up to you to chose.

8) Where are the profits going to ?

We have launched a blog where we announce the main causes we are donating money to. Click here to visit it. is a non-profit shop. All profits will be used to fund anti-capitalist projects. Among others, this shop is used to fund the activities of Resistance.Tk network, their 6 websites and their journal.

At first, the shop was launched to fund the activities of "Resistance Network" featuring 6 anarchist websites, a newspaper, and various activities like many compilations of anti-fascist, independant and anti-capitalist music.

Since 2012, we have enlarged our support to many other political causes. Our goal is that the income from t-shirts sales is used to help the ideas expressed on them. Therefore, the anti-fascists t-shirts will help anti-fascist causes, the anarchist t-shirts will help anti-capitalist causes, the animal liberation t-shirts will help the animal cause, etc...

Here are a few examples of the projects and causes funded by

- Full funding of : the biggest archive of anarchist music featuring an international anarcho-punk community. Online since 2009.

- Full funding of : French anarchist community with a lot of anti-capitalist ressources.

- Full funding of : French underground punk & skinhead music download featuring an anti-capitalist / anti-fascist community.

- Full funding of : Biggest database of punk & skinhead underground music downloads from Quebec, including a billingual community.

- Full funding of Resistance Webzine : Resistance Network's anarchist journal.

- compilation and compilation : Music compilations available in CD or free download under the theme of file sharing and supporting underground scene.

- Financial support to CUTV : In the middle of the student general strike in Quebec, the shop commited itself to give monthly donations to CUTV, a community television who became famous for speaking against police brutality and giving a voice to the protesters. CUTV is also producing interviews with anarchists.

- Pussy Riot benefit : After the mediatization of one of our t-shirt worn by a Pussy Riot singer and the raise of our sales due to that, No-Gods-No-Masters decided to donate all the money from the sales of this t-shirt to the "Free Pussy Riot" legal defense fund. We have also opened a Free Pussy Riot t-shirts section with many other designs that will also help the same cause.

- Solidarity with greek anti-fascists : During October 2012, anti-fascists protesters in Greece were arrested and tortured by the police after an anti-nazi protest against Golden Dawn neo-nazi party.

- Money donation to Freedom Press library following a firebomb attack

- Financial support of comrades arrested during the Toronto G20 protests
- Donation to the organisation "I Give To Us" who are helping to defend the protesters arrested (most often for no reason) during the student General Strike in Quebec. - Support to Sea Shepherd
- And other similar projects

Note: in respect with the will of some activist group that we are funding, some of our donations are kept confidential. Therefore, this list is incomplete.

9) I am an artist and i would like to contribute to the shop

This shop is a collective project and we are open to any form of collaboration. If you are an artist and you would like to contribute by donating t-shirt designs, contact us.

10) Payment

Currently, only payments through PAYPAL or with a credit card are accepted. Even if you don't have a credit card, you can use paypal to link your bank account with paypal. Use PAYPAL, it's easy, fast, secure and free !

11) Work conditions and information on the t-shirt production

Here are some information concerning the production of our imported t-shirts. Those informations were taken on the official website of the company making the t-shirts.

Hiring age:
The company has a strict policy on youth employment. No minor is engaged in the production of t-shirts even if some countries can engage children from the age of 14.

The company guarantees to provide competitive salaries much higher than those normally available in regions where the t-shirts are produced (employees are paid double the salary of competitors). Benefits are also available, as well as insurance. Incentives are offered to employees who meet certain objectives, similar to the working model of North American countries. Overtime premiums are paid in respect of laws.

Working conditions:
The company strives to provide decent working conditions. In hot countries, plants have air conditioning and are very clean. Employees are trained to comply with conditions of safe and healthy working and all precautions are taken to avoid injury. The safety standards often exceed those of other shops in the region. The air quality is assured and meets North American standards.

Social advantages:
Employees have several benefits provided by the employer, such as access to hospital care, free transportation, food and water provided for free, financial help for studies, etc. The company also invites the families of its employees to come and eat with them at the factory for free.

Length of work day:
Employees have conventional working hours in respect of laws: usually 4 days of 10 hours each. Working hours never exceed 60 hours, including overtime (or less than this number if the laws allow less than 60 hours)

The company ensures that no discrimination or favoritism is made, whether in relation to sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion or ethnicity. A zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment or other discrimination is practiced. Employees can not be dismissed without notice and can not be fired without a series of warning.

All the laws of environmental protection are met. The company is one of the only major retailer to be certified ecological and environmentally friendly. It has recycling plants, recycling facilities and waste water facilities to handle chemicals, fabric dyes and all other products used in the manufacture of t-shirts. Plants use green energy. All environmental impacts are controlled and employees are trained to work in accordance with the environment.

Code of conduit & fair labor:
The company and all its subcontractors comply with the following international standards:
- California Safety Compliance Corporation (CSCC)
- Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP)
- Fair Labor Association (FLA)
- Oeko-tex Certification

These independent organizations ensure that the company complies with its code of conduct standarts on working conditions and fair trade. These labels regularly check the working conditions to prevent child labor, discrimination, working conditions, non-ethical practices and all other violations of the law.

The company was the first major distributor to obtain the Oeko-tex is the most internationally recognized seal ensures that the fabric is environmentally friendly and that the company is environmentally friendly.

Donations to humanitarian help and charity:
The company has donated millions to a long list of humanitarian NGOs and charity organisations in areas where its plants are located

For more information, contact us

12) Information on locally produced t-shirts

For those who wish, locally produced t-shirts are available for a bit more expensive cost. T-shirts are produced by American Apparel (T-shirts are printed in the USA so it is produced locally)

Some information about American Apparel:

American Apparel (AMEX: APP) is an American textile brand based in Los Angeles, California, United States. The brand operates in vertical integration.

The company has the distinction of making all its products in its factory in Los Angeles, refusing the use of sweatshops. Their clothes are also all labeled "Made in downtown Los Angeles." Employees are paid on average U.S. $13 per hour and have a number of benefits.

Currently about 20% of the cotton used by American Apparel is organic origin. Within four years, this proportion is expected to rise to 80%. The company recycles its own waste. American Apparel also installed on the roof of his factory on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a 146 kW solar pannel to allow reducing its electricity bill by 20%.

American Apparel is committed to immigrants in the U.S. with the association Legalize LA. The company financed the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina damage & country rock concerts Farm Aid to help farmers ruined.
Lots of information here:

The company advocates among other for the rights of gays and lesbians and for various environmentalist causes. They hire a lot of immigrants and they are far from hiding their ways of doing things. Instead, photos of their factories and their employees are available on their website.

13) Why so many t-shirt designs ?

Although offers hundreds of choices of t-shirts, the shop is far from a t-shirts supermarket. In fact, we have no stock of pre-printed t-shirts. Each t-shirt is printed on the unit and on-demand. What you see on the store is just the choice of images that can be printed on a t-shirt.

Almost all t-shirts shops are using "screen-printing" as their printing method. You have to invest large sums of money to get series of pre-printed t-shirts, which severely limits the number of designs available for sale.

The hundreds of available designs on are made available through a partnership with a professional printer that uses a printing method totally different from other shops. The t-shirts are printed each time an order is placed. From our side it is not necessary to invest large sums of money for pre-printed t-shirts, which significantly increases the number of designs that can be sold.

14) What quality ? What printing method ?

Our printing technology is far superior to anything you will find elsewhere. We guarantee professional quality and durability with increased resistance to washing.

We use the digital-printing, a printing method significantly better than other methods used by other shops (usually screen-printing). Our t-shirts surpass those of other shops in print quality and durability.

Our printing method on the cutting edge of technology is what is the best on the market t-shirt today. For us, the price is much higher for the print quality but for our buyers there is no difference since we lower our profit margin to offer a price equal to or cheaper than elsewhere.

15) How to contact us ?

Use the contact form or write an e-mail to the following address:

16) Management of the shop

Following the anarchist principles, is self-managed by all those involved there. Each person has their say and contributes to the direction taken by the shop. All decisions are taken collectively, there are no bosses, everything is self-managed. Coding of the website has been fully written by our team and the website is constantly being improved. The team of includes programmers / webmasters, administrators, designers, translators and other persons responsible for various tasks. Some major work are paid, others are made by volunteer activists. The remuneration of work is decided collectively and in conjunction with employees

17) You don't ship to my country, what can I do ?