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Acab / Stop police brutality

 Long sleeve shirt

Acab / Stop police brutality  - ACAB


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Police Brutality Long sleeves

Police brutality is the excessive and unwarranted use of force by law enforcement. It is an extreme form of police misconduct or violence and is a civil rights violation. It also refers to a situation where officers exercise undue or excessive force against a person. Police violence includes but is not limited to physical or verbal harassment, physical or mental injury, property damage, the inaction of police officers, and in some cases, death. In the United States, qualified immunity is a legal doctrine used to protect officers from litigation after incidents of police violence. This law was issued by the Supreme Court in 1982. In recent years, particularly since the fatal shooting…   Read more

ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) Long sleeves

A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards) is an acronym used as a political slogan associated with radical activists who are opposed to the police. It is typically written as a catchphrase in graffiti, tattoos, or other imagery in public spaces. It is sometimes numerically rendered as "1312," representing the ordering of the letters in the alphabet. During the 1980s, ACAB became a symbol of anti-Establishment, especially within the punk and skinhead subcultures. It was popularized in particular by the 1982 song "A.C.A.B." by Oi! band The 4-Skins. In later years, ACAB turned into a popular slogan among European football hooligans and ultras, and among anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements…   Read more

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