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ACAB All Cops Are Bastards

 Long sleeve shirt

ACAB All Cops Are Bastards - ACAB


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Direct Action Long sleeves

Direct action originated as a political activist term for economic and political acts in which the actors use their power to directly reach certain goals of interest by, for example, revealing an existing problem, using physical force, highlighting an alternative, or demonstrating a possible solution. Both direct action and actions appealing to others can include nonviolent and violent activities which target persons, groups, or property deemed offensive to the action participants. Nonviolent direct action may include sit-ins, strikes, street blockades, sabotage, and counter-economics. Nonviolent direct action has historically been an assertive regular feature of the tactics employed…   Read more

ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) Long sleeves

A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards) is an acronym used as a political slogan associated with radical activists who are opposed to the police. It is typically written as a catchphrase in graffiti, tattoos, or other imagery in public spaces. It is sometimes numerically rendered as "1312," representing the ordering of the letters in the alphabet. During the 1980s, ACAB became a symbol of anti-Establishment, especially within the punk and skinhead subcultures. It was popularized in particular by the 1982 song "A.C.A.B." by Oi! band The 4-Skins. In later years, ACAB turned into a popular slogan among European football hooligans and ultras, and among anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements…   Read more

Black Bloc Long sleeves

A black bloc is a tactic used by anti-capitalist protesters who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal wearers' identities and hinder criminal prosecution by making it difficult to distinguish between participants. It is also used to protect their faces and eyes from pepper spray, which is used by police during protests or civil unrest. The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass. Black bloc participants are often associated with anarchism, anarcho-communism, communism, libertarian socialism, antifascism, or the anti-globalization movement.
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Acronym Long sleeves


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