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Sabotage black cat

 T-shirt made in USA (unisex)

Sabotage black cat - Activist



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  • This t-shirt is locally produced and printed in the United States
  • The whole manufacturing process is local, making it the lowest carbon footprint product
  • Fair labor conditions and wages
  • These premium t-shirts are our most ethical products available
  • Partially made of organic cotton
  • Socially conscious manufacturer
  • Learn more about our locally produced t-shirts

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Syndicalism is a current in the labor movement to establish local, worker-based organizations and advance the demands and rights of workers through strikes. Major syndicalist organizations include the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the General Confederation of Labor in France, the National Confederation of Labour in Spain, the Italian Syndicalist Union, the Free Workers' Union of Germany, and the Argentine Regional Workers' Federation. A number of syndicalist organizations were and still are to this day linked in the International Workers' Association.

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Direct action originated as a political activist term for economic and political acts in which the actors use their power to directly reach certain goals of interest by, for example, revealing an existing problem, using physical force, highlighting an alternative, or demonstrating a possible solution. Both direct action and actions appealing to others can include nonviolent and violent activities which target persons, groups, or property deemed offensive to the action participants. Nonviolent direct action may include sit-ins, strikes, street blockades, sabotage, and counter-economics. Nonviolent direct action has historically been an assertive regular feature of the tactics employed…   Read more

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