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Green & Black flag (Green anarchism)

 T-shirt made in USA (unisex)

Green & Black flag (Green anarchism) - Eco-friendly



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  • This t-shirt is locally produced and printed in the United States
  • The whole manufacturing process is local, making it the lowest carbon footprint product
  • Fair labor conditions and wages
  • These premium t-shirts are our most ethical products available
  • Partially made of organic cotton
  • Socially conscious manufacturer
  • Learn more about our locally produced t-shirts

Green Anarchism Local T-shirts

Green anarchism is an anarchist school of thought that puts a particular emphasis on environmental issues and that aims to bring about an environmentally sustainable anarchist society. Important early influences were Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, and Élisée Reclus. Important contemporary currents include anarcho-naturism as the fusion of anarchism and naturist philosophies, anarcho-primitivism which offers a critique of technology and argues that anarchism is best suited to uncivilized ways of life; eco-anarchism which combines older trends of primitivism as well as bioregional democracy, eco-feminism, intentional community, pacifism and secession that distinguish it from the more…   Read more

Primitivism Local T-shirts

Anarcho-primitivism is a political ideology that advocates a return to non-"civilized" ways of life through deindustrialization, abolition of the division of labor or specialization and abandonment of large-scale organization technologies. Anarcho-primitivists critique the origins and progress of the Industrial Revolution and industrial society. According to anarcho-primitivism, the shift from hunter-gatherer to agricultural subsistence during the Neolithic Revolution gave rise to coercion, social alienation and social stratification. Some anarcho-primitivists state that prior to the advent of agriculture humans lived in small, nomadic bands which were socially, politically, and economically…   Read more

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