Your images on our t-shirts: how to contribute to the shop?

The shop is a self-managed open collective, which means that any person sympathetic to libertarian causes can contribute to the project by submitting one or more graphic(s) to be printed on t-shirts.
Since a couple of years, many of the designs in our inventory come from these contributions. If you are interested to participate too, here are the steps to follow.


How to contribute ?

Contact us and send your graphics to the following address:
shop [at] no-gods-no-masters [dot] com

We only accept graphics that you personally created or that you own the rights to use.


What do I get ?

Being a non-profit shop whose sole purpose is to raise money for libertarian causes, most graphical contributions are made on a voluntary basis. In return, the store offers all its contributors discounts on all items (at production cost)

However, if a graphic is selling well the store may offer a counterpart:
Free t-shirt(s), produced and shipped at our expense
– In some cases, revenue sharing on sales
– Buying the rights from you

Shipping free t-shirt(s) is only possible when there has been enough sales to cover the cost of production and delivery of the t-shirt(s), which may take some time.


Technical details

Two printing options are available:

Vinyl printing (flexography)

Type: Vector design
Color: One color without gradients
File: .AI or .SVG or .EPS
Size: Maximum 11″x11″ (28x28cm)
Maximum 2,000 anchor points
Minimum line thickness of 1.5mm
Minimum distance of 1mm between 2 lines
Not too many negative spaces (eg holes within a row)

Digital printing standard

Type: Pixel design (non-vector)
Color: unlimited with transparent background
File: PNG file with transparency
Size: 3000×3000 pixels


Process and legal details

After sending us the image(s), they will be reviewed by the collective. If accepted, they will be made available on the shop with the next wave of new additions, usually within a month. If the graphic(s) does not get any sale after a while, it may eventually be removed from the store.

The artist stays the legal owner of his graphic we do not sign a contract to transfer the rights. The artist can continue to use its graphics elsewhere or authorize others to use it to sell products.

Be aware that labels its graphics as “creative commons” license, which opposes copyrights by allowing the reuse of graphics as long as it is not sold for profit.

The permanent collective

The collective is distinguished from contributors since it involves active participation and to take part in the self-management of the shop. In contrast, a contributor only sends graphics without getting involved in depth.

Those who contribute regulary can apply to join the self-managed collective to participate in decision-making and be involved in the management tasks.

The members of the team are displayed on this page:

Posted on: October 7, 2014 Last update: September 26, 2017