Most printers use plastisol ink consisting of chemicals derived from petroleum. Although being more simple to use, plastisol inks contain PVC and phthalates, two dangerous chemicals very damaging to the environment and have been linked to numerous medical disorders. The plastisol inks also require the use of harmful solvents in the printing process and various ozone-depleting chemicals that contribute to the greenhouse effect.


No-Gods-No-Masters.com uses only chemical-free water-based inks


eco friendlyWater based inks do not contain PVC or phthalates and you don’t need solvents to clean the screens down after they’ve been used. Only water is used throughout the process – from printing to cleaning.


Our inks do not contain any chemicals known to contribute to the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion, unlike many products commonly used in other types of inks such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), aromatic hydrocarbons or other volatile solvents.
They don’t contain lead or any heavy metals. In fact, Permaset Aqua inks do not contain any toxic chemicals at all ! Not even white spirits like other water based inks on the market.



Eco-friendly certifications


Our water-based ink is approved by the highest industry standards for environmentally certified and health safety.


Validated by Oeko-Tex Class 1, the highest standard for green certification


Certified by the Global Organic Textile (GOTS-3V) for its 100% organic content without chemicals


Meets the standards of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)


Approved by the Residues Standard List (RSL)


Certified risk-free for health, even for babies under 3 years




More comfortable clothes


As opposed to plastisol ink and “screen-printing”, our water-based ink offers the unique distinction of not giving an effect of rigid embossed into the print area. Instead, the ink penetrates the fabric and after the water is evaporated, only the ink is left and is absorbed by the fabric. To the touch, you feel no difference between the printed area and the rest of the fabric, resulting in garment a lot more comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, there is no effect of “cracking” of the print with time as it is the case with screen-printed t-shirts.



Green energy


Worried to minimize its impact on the environment by any means possible, No-Gods-No-Masters.com uses only 100% green energy powered web servers. Furthermore, all the clothes we use are manufactured in factories that use green energy power sources.



Eco-friendly manufacturing of t-shirts


Our t-shirts suppliers comply with all environment protection laws. The company is one of the few major retailers to be certified ecological and environmentally friendly. It has recycling plants, facilities for water recycling and waste facilities to process chemicals, fabric dyes and all products used in the manufacture of t-shirts. Plants use green energy. All environmental impacts are monitored and employees are trained to work in respect for the environment.


The manufacturer was the first major retailer to obtain the Oeko-Tex Certification, the most internationally recognized seal, ensuring that the fabric is eco-friendly and that the company respects the environment.


Our locally produced t-shirts use 80% organic cotton and the manufacturing plant is powered by solar energy. The whole chain of production is located in the same place, thus minimizing the carbon footprint. All waste is recycled by the factory.