Taxes or customs duties ?

Sales tax

International customers never pay any sales tax on the order when purchasing online on this site, which saves you about 15% of the total of your purchases.

For US customers, there is usually no sales tax to pay. However, in the US, recent changes in legislation now impose sales taxes but only for a few specific states. For more information, check out this list of the only places where sales taxes are required (list subject to change)

Customs fees

These charges are separate from sales taxes. Statistics show that the imposition of customs fees is a rare situation although there is always an unpredictable possibility. The shipping option “International Standard” with USPS (US Postal Service) is recommended to minimize the risk.

In some countries, an import tax may be required when a package goes through customs. The process is random and unpredictable – there is no way to completely avoid the risk. All international online orders are subject to the possibility of customs duties, no matter who the sender is. Be assured that our shop doesn’t have hidden charges.

The amount of the customs tax is proportional to the total value of the order. Some postal services sometimes impose additional brokerage fees to perform customs clearance. This fee is usually charged when the package is shipped by International Premium with a private company (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). By default, the standard mail (USPS) is used to minimize the risk of customs charges imposed at the reception and reduce the potential costs of these.

Numerous warnings are present on the website and in the order confirmation email. The responsibility to pay the amount requested by the customs of his country is unfortunately the customer’s. However, the recipient has the right to refuse delivery and ask the postal service to return the package to the sender without paying the fee. We will refund the entire order as soon as a package is returned to us.

The frustration of customers being taxed is understandable, but the store can not be held responsible for fees charged by customs in the recipient country. The import tax is for the importer (the client) and not the sender. To complain about this issue, you can talk to your customs agency but their policy is that the importer is responsible for the fees.

Customs duties on foreign products are a protectionist measure of the capitalist system. By taxing consumers who import products from international, the government recovers a portion of sales taxes that escapes it.


Learn more about customs duty

For more information about customs fees, many articles are easily found on Google. You can also contact the customs or the postal service in your country for more information.

From Wikipedia:

Customs duty is a tax levied on goods imported when they cross the border. These duties may be flat or represent a percentage of the price (“ad valorem” duties).

By making foreign products more expensive, this practice seeks to discourage consumption and favor local industries. That is why customs duties are one of the main instruments of capitalism protectionism.

Customs duties are normally paid only on importation. They are the same regardless of the point of entry into the country. (…) Customs duties must be distinguished from national taxes / sales taxes, such as VAT.

Posted on: May 21, 2016 Last update: September 27, 2017