Supporting Sabotage Music – a new independent label

A founding member of recently joined forces with three other veterans of the scene to launch a new independent label: SABOTAGE MUSIC. The objective is to provide a label worthy of the name that helps bands to produce, promote and distribute their albums.

The first release of Sabotage Music is the posthumous album from “Esclaves SalariĆ©s”, an antifascist Oi! band from Montreal. Many other surprises await you in 2014!

In the same spirit as, this new project puts forward principles of solidarity and mutual aid rather than market philosophy. That is why 100% of the revenue of the sales will be used only to fund the production of other albums. Sabotage is a label for the scene and by the scene.

Therefore, a portion of the sales of will be used to invest in Sabotage’s releases. In addition, all clothing digitally printed and sold by the label is given by at the cost of production in order to help finance Sabotage Music productions.

A website was also created and hosted freely for the label where you can find a more detailed presentation of the label as well as an online store where you can also buy’s compilation

Sabotage Music

Update: Sabotage Music ceased its activity during 2016

Posted on: December 18, 2013 Last update: September 19, 2017