Pussy Riot singer wears a No-Gods-No-Masters.com t-shirt !

A member of the russian anarchist-punk band Pussy Riot who is jailed for having sung an anti-putin song is wearing a No-Gods-No-Masters.com t-shirt at the court. With all of the mediatisation around Pussy Riot, the t-shirt even ended up on the cover page of the New York Post !

Due to this, this t-shirt became one of our best seller. So we decided to give the money to the Free Pussy Legal Defense Fund

The concerned t-shirt can be found here :

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No-Gods-No-Masters gives monthly donations to CUTV

No-Gods-No-Masters announced in May 2012 that an amount of money between $50 and $100 will be donated every months to CUTV.

CUTV (Condordia University Television) is a student-managed anti-capitalist media based in Montreal, Canada. They became popular during the 2012 student strike in Quebec which ended up to be an historical movement against neo-liberalism.

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