No-Gods-No-Masters gives monthly donations to CUTV

No-Gods-No-Masters announced in May 2012 that an amount of money between $50 and $100 will be donated every months to CUTV.

CUTV (Condordia University Television) is a student-managed anti-capitalist media based in Montreal, Canada. They became popular during the 2012 student strike in Quebec which ended up to be an historical movement against neo-liberalism.

This independant media follows all protests in Quebec and does an excellent job reporting what is really happenning, unlike the other traditionnal medias. They have been pepper sprayed and arrested by the police numerous times just because they are doing their job.

Each time they broadcast live, there’s a couple of thousands users watching them. They have literally become a reference for uncensored information.

Everyone knows that we need to inform people if we want them to wake up. That’s why independant medias like CUTV are a necessity and we must support them. Especially in Quebec, a province where media convergence is an huge problem with the Quebecor Media empire who are controlling most of the medias — the same medias who keeps bashing on all movements questionning the system, who gives a platform for right-wing journalists, who keeps dirtying the student movement and minimize its impact and who always take position in favor of the government, scared of shaking the establishment on which lays their existence.
In these circumstances, an independant media like CUTV is not only appreciated but also NECESSARY.

CUTV is the voice of the street – it’s the only media who interview protesters without imposing an editorial line full of censorship. That’s why they are liked and encouraged during protests.

But their activities doesn’t stop here. The community television also produces many reports with socially involved activists including local anarchists. CUTV also covers many other events with activist themes.

The live broadcasting of CUTV and their equippement costs a lot of money and their survival depends entirely on donations to fund their activities. They have called for fund raising multiple times and sometimes they were in negative deficit.
Even with our very limited financial abilities, we proudly engage ourselves to financially support CUTV until the end of the student movement.

Thanks to CUTV for their excellent job, and thanks to clients who, by their orders, help us to survive and help an independant media to keep waking up minds.

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Posted on: May 1, 2012 Last update: September 19, 2017