About flex printing technology (vinyl heat transfer)

A new type of printing is being introduced to the shop: flexography also known as “vinyl heat transfer” or “floc printing.”

Focus on the details of one of our t-shirts printed with flexography

The superior quality of this printing technique lies in its unique process: instead of printing the design on the shirt with ink (screen-printing), a machine will cut the design in a color sheet (vinyl) and then it will be thermally pasted on the t-shirt. The following qualities are attributed to flexography:

Longer lifespan and durability

Tests have shown that the form and color of the flex print barely change after hundreds of washes. It is made of a flexible and resilient material – even thin lines do not break.


Relief: Flexography is an heat-pressed sheet of vinyl so it produces a relief feeling somewhat similar to traditional screen-printing. The final result is smooth to the touch. Rest assured, the vinyl sheet is very thin (less than 0.3mm) and provides no discomfort when the t-shirt is worn.

Bright colors: The printed colors have a slight shine to them and contrast extremely well with fabric.


Designs available for flex printing

Unfortunately, only a certain percentage of our inventory is available for flexc printing because of many different reasons :

Conversion work : first, our team must manually convert each design in vector format to fit this type of printing. The end result must meet several requirements to be compatible with flexography, which takes a long time to adapt each design. This makes it an obviously impossible task to convert all of the 2700 design that has the shop today.

Color limit : currently, it is not possible to print more than one color with flex printing. So all of the designs containing several colors or gradients can not be printed with flexography.

Complexity of the design : designs that are too complex or too much detailled can’t be printed with flexography since they must meet certain conditions to be compatible (limited number of forms and anchor points, line thickness, spacing between lines, etc. )

The designs available for flex printing are identified by a “flex print” label on our website. So far, only some designs are available but this number will grow quickly as we add new designs everyday in flex version.

One of our t-shirt printed with flexography
Posted on: June 3, 2014 Last update: February 22, 2018