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In addition to our vast inventory of political t-shirts, we now offer bands t-shirts, including several exclusive designs. Unlike many stores that sell “bootleg” t-shirts, most of our t-shirts are sold with the consent of the bands and in collaboration with them. So we are authorized vendors and all bands have accepted to let us use their artworks for activist causes fundraising.

We believe that the counter-cultural music scene has always been an important vehicle to promote revolutionary ideas and we are very pleased to have a dedicated bands t-shirts section. This is the biggest update since the launch of the store, representing the fruit of a very long work – not only graphical but also coordination and communication with affected groups. Several members of our team spent the last months mobilizing to make this project happen.

So this project have a double objective: to support the political struggles AND the bands. Consequently, many bands will receive a percentage of sales or free t-shirts according to a mutual agreement with them. The remaining income will be used to raise funds for the political causes announced on our blog.

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UPDATE (2022)

This article was originally published in 2014 and the situation has since evolved. Among other things, since 2021, the store has expanded its range of musical groups that are offered and which now includes some bootlegs of cult bands. These are usually old bands that have splitter long time ago and are presumed to be copyright-free. No Gods No Masters doesn’t create any original bootlegs, we only offer bootlegs that are already very widely distributed on several other sites. Although bootlegs have always been a part of the punk scene and bands are usually not opposed to them, we still work with bands to remove any unauthorized merchandise, and as of today, the vast majority of our t-shirts are still produced with the bands’ authorization.

All of our band t-shirts are sold on a non-profit basis. All proceeds from sales are donated to charities and activist organizations.

Posted on: August 14, 2014 Last update: August 13, 2022