Lower prices and free shipping on everything!

After 2 very difficult years, we finally have some good news to share with you! We are reducing all prices by 20% in addition to offering free shipping on ALL orders! This is the biggest promo we’ve ever done.

Since the birth of the cooperative in 2009, the goal has always been to offer the lowest prices possible so that our clothes are affordable for everyone. Despite the increase in the cost of living, we have always chosen to absorb any increase in expenses to avoid passing the bill on to those who buy our t-shirts.

But in January 2020, our supplier had a huge price increase of over 30%. This change forced us to increase our prices for the first time in our history. The price of a t-shirt went from $15 to $18 and it also reduced the store’s margin which absorbed part of the increase.

Bad luck over bad luck, the Covid-19 pandemic began a few weeks later, causing our shop to shut down during a critical period. Even after the reopening, our sales fell, causing heavy losses. Let’s remember that NGNM cooperative funds a multitude of activist organizations and also the web hosting of 30+ anarchist websites, so we have to maintain a certain level of sales to be able to pay the fixed expenses. The store was therefore forced to cut spending and take a break from announcing new donations.

Since the unfortunate price increase, our top priority was to find a new supplier and work on the web development of the IT platform which bridges the website and the printer. Today, we finally have a solution to reduce prices!

To celebrate this news, we are offering you the lowest prices in our history! In addition, the required minimum of $50 has been removed, so free shipping is now available on all orders regardless of the number of items!

Posted on: September 24, 2021 Last update: March 6, 2022