Launch of a music download server

A new project has recently been launched, designed and funded entirely by : a dedicated server used exclusively to host thousands of free downloads of political music.
The goal is to provide a free music file sharing platform that helps to provide visibility to anti-capitalist bands from all around the world and encourage the politisation of the counter-cultural scenes (punk, skinheads, hardcore, etc)

The new server launched by offers a platform for ultra-fast downloads without commercial advertising or paid offers, while ensuring that the hosted files will not be removed without reason. This new project is already providing thousands of free albums downloads, including all albums that were published on, and


The platform not only host music albums but also provide streaming feature, giving you the possibility to listen to the album in your browser without having to download the files, just like on Youtube or Bandcamp.

The idea was born out of a multitude of problems with traditional file hosts like Mediafire and 4shared. After the closure of Megaupload, most of the other file hosting companies started removing thousands of files, most of the time without any reason. Consequently, thousands of albums hosted on and were removed. Moreover, traditional file hosting services are flooded with advertisements and try to make you buy upgraded accounts and other commercial bullshit.

At, we believe that music is an excellent tool that can be used to spread libertarian ideas through the punk, skinhead and hardcore scenes. In addition, underground music is difficult to find and a download platform makes it more accessible, while providing better visibility for the band’s message.

Originally, was created with the sole mandate to self-fund the activities of the Resistance Network including the websites mentioned above. That is why this new project received priority and long-term funding.

Unfortunately, given the high costs of this new project, we had to put on hold our last commitments taken in the recent months regarding the long-term funding of some organizations. Once the cost of the new server will be paid, we will resume our other financial commitments.

links : – Anarchist music downloads and international community – French community with punk/ska/oi downloads – Underground music from Quebec’s punk/oi/hardcore scene


Screenshot of the interface of the new music file hosting server

Posted on: October 13, 2013 Last update: September 19, 2017