$1,000 donated to charities helping war victims in Palestine

Wavering between three different causes for our next donation (Palestine / Ferguson / IWW), we finally passed the decision to vote (here, here and here). The result is a large majority in favor of support for Palestine due to the recent events.

Deeply in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, No-Gods-No-Masters.com pledged last year to support the organization Anarchists Against The Wall.
Given the urgency of the humanitarian situation in Palestine following the recent Israeli offensive against Gaza, we are now announcing the addition of new donations to the Palestinian cause. During the last month, more than half the territory of Gaza was destroyed by bombs, including schools and hospitals. Add to that the lack of clean water, electricity, and basic humanitarian assistance.

We have donated $1000 in support of the Palestinian cause. The amount is shared between five different organizations:
– Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
– Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)
UNICEF – Palestine Section
Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP)
Gaza Legal Defence Fund (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

According to their website, the organization’s objectives are:
pal3Lobby parliament & policy makers
– Increase public awareness
– Counter media bias
– Run successful campaigns
– Provide campaign resources to individuals and organisations

Website: http://www.palestinecampaign.org/support/donate/


Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

pal1The organization provides assistance to Palestinian children who are among the first victims of the war with an alarming percentage of children death in Gaza and many orphans. Statistically, one palestinian child is killed every 3 daysnot to mention the victims of war in 2014 where over 500 Palestinian children were killed in date of August 23 (according to UNICEF) as well as over 3374 injured.

– Medical Missions : the organization coordinates hundreds of humanitarian missions to provide medical aid to Palestinian children and train medical staff for free.

Humanitarian projects: the organization sponsors projects in Palestine to help children in need, providing wheelchairs, summer camps and a child sponsorship program.

Sending medical equipment and food

Website : http://www.pcrf.net/


UNICEF Palestine

pal2UNICEF is an internationally recognized humanitarian organization present in over 190 countries. It is present in Gaza since early 1990 and works to support children and families by providing access to basic services such as food, water, education, sanitation, health and mine awareness. UNICEF needs about $14 million to meet the humanitarian needs made ​​more important by the latest escalation.

Website: http://www.unicef.org/oPt/support_705.html


Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP)

pal4The organization provides medical assistance to the Palestinian and refugees. It also contributes to the development of the health system in the longterm.

Website: http://www.map-uk.org/what-we-do/what-we-do


Gaza Legal Defence Fund (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

pal5Legal defense fund for Palestinian victims of war crimes. The organization aims to bring the responsibles in courts.

Posted on: September 3, 2014 Last update: May 24, 2019