Why is there so many different designs and products?

The images of the products displayed on the website are not real photographs but rather computer-generated graphics showing the different possibilities of illustrations available to be printed on demand.

Our activist cooperative is not a supermarket devoted to the over-consumption of t-shirts. Although we offer many different designs, we do not hold any inventory and we don’t have a storefront. We could view it as we’re offering a service rather than selling something – you choose your design and clothing type, then we print it for you.

Every product you order here is an individual item, printed on demand and manufactured by hand for you. That’s what distinguishes us from other e-commerce retailers.

By printing on-demand according to orders, this production model makes it possible to offer virtually unlimited designs choices since the printing process takes place only after purchase. That’s why the shop offers so many different designs. It also allows us to offer a wide variety of different types of clothes, colors options, and sizes. In fact, the images of the products displayed on the website are not real pictures but rather computer graphics of the different possibilities of illustrations available to be printed.

Unlike us, conventional clothing shops usually use classic screen printing as a printing method. This method requires large investments to print a batch of hundreds of t-shirts, which greatly limits the number of designs available for sale and colors options. Batch screen-printing, with its minimum quantity constraints, usually puts shops in a position where they’re forced to focus only on the best-selling designs to lower the investment’s risk and that’s exactly this mainstream capitalist logic that we want to avoid. We prefer variety rather than popularity dictated by market trends.

This particular model of operation allows the coop to produce a wide variety of designs covering a larger range of themes that represent all struggles and social causes, even the lesser-known.

Also, the more different choices offered in our catalog, the more we achieve our goals of raising funds to make donations to activist causes, which is our main objective. That’s why we do not limit the number of choices offered on the online store.

For more information on printing on demand and the reasons why we opted for this choice, please read this blog article.


About the variety of political themes:
As a cooperative grouping together artists from different origins and political backgrounds, we all come from various ideological currents, which explains why you will find a wide variety of different themes in our catalog, even some which may seem surprising to cohabit together at first. The cooperative operates under inclusive, pluralistic, and synthesist principles by refusing to impose a political platform to which you have to conform to. Therefore, the shop represents all the different schools of thoughts of revolutionary activism, without sectarianism, so long as they have in common our fundamental values. This means standing for a wide variety of common causes and we proudly see this diversity as a strength of our cooperative.


Posted on: September 16, 2017 Last update: March 6, 2022