Full funding of Anarcho-Punk.net & Resistance Network

Since 2009, No-Gods-No-Masters.com pays the entire cost of Resistance Network’s servers, which provides IT infrastructures to host a multitude of anarchists and countercultural websites.

In the past, the network was trying to fund itself through donations from members but was receiving very few money and the server bills had to be paid by the administrators. As time progressed the server costs kept increasing due to the growing popularity of the web sites, the expansion of the network and additional projects.

In 2009, the members of the communities voted to replace the donations by a t-shirts shop and thus was born No-Gods-No-Masters.com. Two years later, several artists joined the collective and the project had exceeded all expectations by successfully funding Resistance Network but also to amass a surplus of income. It was decided to stay non-profit shop and donate the additional profit to other organizations.

Thus, this shop was born through the will of self-funding Resistance Network but has now become autonomous with its own self-managed collective. However, funding for Resistance Network will always remain our primary financial commitment.


What is Resistance Network ?

Resistance Network consists mainly of the following websites:

Pirate-Punk.net : Music downloads database hosting nearly 20,000 albums and a french-speaking community for punks & skins with 25,000 members. Active since 2008.

AnarchoPunk.net : The biggest archive of anarchist music (over 5000 albums) and an international anarcho-punk community active since 2009, counting almost 20,000 members.

QuebecUnderground.net : The largest database of underground music from Quebec. Active since 2008.

 Resistance.tk : French anarchist forums, tools for activists and publishing of subversive material. Active since 2005.

 Resistance Webzine : French anarchist news journal.

Pirate-Punk.net Compilation and AnarchoPunk.net compilation : Music compilations available for sale and for free download, promoting file-sharing and anti-capitalism.

Hosting of other activist and counter-cultural websites associated with the Network and hosted on our servers.


Funding comittment


The shop finance all costs related to the activities of Resistance Network, among others:

Costs associated with servers for hosting the forums and databases

Servers costs for the music downloads on AnarchoPunk.net , PiratePunk.net and QuebecUnderground.net

The fees for multiple domain names of the network’s websites

Registering SSL certificats for HTTPS securised connection

Cloud backup in case of a server crash or hardware failure

The monthly subscription fees with a dedicated server management company a.k.a. system management / monitoring

Payments for software licenses used on the websites and forums (cPanel, WHM, vBulletin, etc)

The purchase of additional hardware if required (hard drives, bandwidth, RAM, etc)

Hiring independent coders for complex tasks when adding new features

Update 2016: the original article was written a couple of years ago. We tried to maintain a list of the costs for the operation of the network but the prices are always changing and we couldn’t get it updated yet. There was a lot of changes with “Resistance Network”. New projects were launched and funded by No-Gods-No-Masters.com, and there was a massive server upgrade for the whole network. Please note that this list is always subject for change and is not updated on a regular basis.

Posted on: October 4, 2014 Last update: September 26, 2017