Donations to the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) reiterates its goal to always give back to an organization corresponding to the activist cause expressed on t-shirts that we sell. In this context, we decided to financially support the COBP as long as needed. The amounts given are raised through revenues generated by sales of our t-shirts from the “ACAB” section and will be proportional to the number of sales. A first donation of $150 has been sent and others will follow as soon as possible.

We reiterate our solidarity with all victims of police abuse and would like to encourage all those who are mobilizing to fight against police impunity. In the past, we also made ​​donations to the G20 legal defence fund and we have supported the greek anti-fascists comrades arrested and tortured by the police during a demonstration against the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) is an autonomous group that is made up of victims, witnesses and/or those concerned by police brutality and all abuse perpetrated by the police. The collective was formed in 1995 from a defense committee for people arrested after a demonstration against Human Life International, a far right group. In light of the increasingly intense repression, social cleansing, and impunity rampant in Montreal, the COBP decided to organize on a permanent basis to continue its battle against police brutality.

The COBP’s goal is to not only denounce the harassment, violence, intimidation, arrests and abuse of power by police, but to inform people of their rights and lend support to victims by, for example, helping them to file a complaint in the police ethics system or deal with wrongful accusations. We denounce abuse by police here in Montreal and around the world in our publication “L’Agent Provocateur”. We have also published several brochures, mostly on neighbourhood policing, secret police and political espionage, as well as on “The Great Canadian Anti-Terrorism Fraud”. Since 1998, we have distributed over 35,000 copies of our booklet “Guess what! We’ve got rights?!” in French, English and Spanish to individuals and at the request of community groups that work with homeless here in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec. We also do research and collect information for databanks and archives.

The COBP does regular workshops and discussions on rights and police abuse which are available upon request. We also do Copwatch, documenting the actions of police in the streets with the help of a video camera, regular cameras and by taking down the names, badge numbers, patrol car license plate numbers, what is said and done etc.

We organize benefit shows and conferences. We sell T-shirts, buttons, patches and “Anti-Cop Mix CD’s” to help finance our work. We have a website on which we publish and archive information on police abuse, know-your-rights and COBP actions.

March 15th, International Day Against Police Brutality

Since March 15th 1997, COBP has organized an annual demonstration in the streets of Montreal to highlight the International Day Against Police Brutality, which has already spread from Canada and Switzerland to Germany, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal through Nigeria, the U.S and Mexico.



Whether in response to police demonstrations in daily contact with marginalized minorities in their interventions with homeless or with “ostie de carrés rouges” we must make clear to police that they can not afford to do anything, if ethics committees and courts are on his side, the street never forgets and never forgives.

Police work is permeated by arbitrary violence, behaviors and aggressive comments, abuse of authority. The press and other mass media are trying to reassure us by reminding us that there are mechanisms to punish “bad apples”, the “smudge”, the “isolated incidents”. But we are not fooled. The spring has highlighted that the majority of cases of police violence will never be punished, the police brotherhood and SPVM always defend their agents until it really becomes too messy for their public image to do so (interventions to believe the officer 728). Examples of this repressive violence are legion. Among the thousands of arrests during the strike days in jail or C.O. between the injured and deaths at the hands of cops, can we really believe in an institution whose primary task is to defend the established order into its most disgusting and most fascist abuses?

For another year we appeal to your feelings of solidarity, determination and anger. Enjoy the street, it belongs to us. We are tired of cops who arrest us, asking us our papers without having the right, invent charges so they can search us, detain us, come in our homes in the morning.


For more information, go to the march 15 section of the COBP’s website :

The need for financial support

Every year or so, during the demonstration on March 15, the police make mass arrests of hundreds of people for no reason. These arrests are also criticized by many organizations dedicated to the defense of rights and freedoms. They are also challenged in the courts and it is one of the main reasons why COBP needs financial support.

Donations collected by the COBP also serve several other causes including among others the challenge of P6 regulation which restricts the right to demonstrate in Montreal, as well as several other legal defense fund for activists arrested in different events. Meanwhile, an activist currently pursuing Montreal police in court following a series of police abuse and arbitrary arrests after being targeted by the SPVM as alleged militant close of the COBP.

Do not hesitate to make a donation to COBP:

Posted on: July 8, 2014 Last update: September 22, 2017