Donation to Women On Waves, pro-choice feminists

A new donation is added to the list as part of our support to feminist struggles. Women On Waves is a Dutch pro-choice organization that specializes in providing safe abortion means for women living in countries where abortion is illegal. Some of these services are offered on a boat that has a custom-built mobile abortion clinic.

As the Pussy Riot support ceased shortly after their release, the sales of our feminist t-shirts will now be used to fund this organization. We have just sent the first donation of $300.

Mobile abortion clinic

When wow2Women On Waves visits a country criminalizing abortion, women requesting this service are loaded on the ship to sail in international waters. The application of national criminal laws, and therefore abortion laws, extends only to territorial waters; beyond 12 miles (or 2 hours of navigation), it is Dutch law that applies aboard the boat, making it possible to offer safe and legal abortion services.

Women On Waves was created in 1999 by the physicist Rebecca Gomperts. Volunteers have made trips in Ireland (2001), Poland (2003), Portugal (2004), Spain (2008) and Morocco (2012). The activities in Portugal contributed to the legalization of abortion in February 2007.


Women On Web – medicated abortion through telemedecine

The association also maintains a website called Women On Web, that provides online help for residents of countries where abortion is prohibited. A safe abortion service is offered to send abortion pills by mail under the supervision of a doctor. The objective is to reduce the mortality rate caused by unsafe abortions through easier access to medicated abortion, using telemedicine. To date, Women On Web has helped more than 100,000 women in 123 different countries.


Facts on illegal abortion

According to World Health Organization:

21.6 million women experience an unsafe abortion worldwide each year; 18.5 million of these occur in developing countries

– Illegal abortions represent half of all abortions worldwide

– 1 of 4 illegal abortions lead to serious medical complications

47 000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion each year

Every 8 minutes, a woman dies from an unsafe abortion



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