Solidarity with “Anarchists Against The Wall” !

Our palestinian comrades from Anarchists Against The Wall are currently trying to raise money to sustain their work and provide legal representation to arrested activists. They have issued an urgent appeal for regular supporters to help raise $1500 by the end of each month.

No-Gods-No-Masters decided to donate them a part of the income from the sales of our anti-war and “free palestine” t-shirts sold in the shop. The amount of the donation will vary depending of the monthly sales.

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New version of our website

After a major change in the way our printer handle the order, we had to re-write all the code of our website from scratch. After 2 months of full-time work, the new version of is finally online.

Most of the changes are internal but you will still notice a few new features. 60 new t-shirt designs were also added and more will be added soon.

More new features will come soon, among other there will be a spanish version and a sweatshirts section.

Solidarity with greek antifascists victims of police brutality supports the Greek anti-fascists! reiterates its commitment to support comrades in struggle and prisoners victims of state repression. With the income from the t-shirt sales, we will send at least $500 to imprisoned Greek comrades within 1 month.

These comrades were imprisoned after an anti-fascist protest where the police intervened to protect the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. The activists were subsequently tortured by the Greek police who is well known for its corruption and collaboration with neo-Nazis.

They have already paid for their legal fees amounting to € 15,000. But now they need your help to raise € 45,000 (USD $58,311.00) more to cover the guarantees in order to stay out of jail.

Below, here are two articles on the subject.

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Free Pussy Riot benefit t-shirts and 2 new donations

Earlier this month, we noticed that a key member of Pussy Riot was wearing a No-Gods-No-Masters t-shirt during their court proceedings (the “No Pasaran” t-shirt). Since the publication of these photos worldwide, the related t-shirt has become our best-selling t-shirt and has generated in 2 weeks more sales that any other t-shirt from our shop was able to achieve in 2 years. wants to declare its solidarity with the political prisoners of the band Pussy Riot who are victims of state repression from Putin’s regime. Slowly they have become an icon of freedom of speech but also a symbol of resistance against censorship and repression against anarchists by the powers that be, which is a global problem. Our western media are focusing on Russia while at the same time completely ignoring the exact same problems that are rampant in our own societies. We see in Pussy Riot a symbol of a global problem and a cause to defend : freedom of speech

That’s why the shop has committed itself to give the profit related to Pussy Riot to the organization “Free Pussy Riot”. This solidarity fund helps to pay the lawyers fees related to their legal defense as well as helping to meet their children’s need while Pussy Riot members are jailed.

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Pussy Riot singer wears a t-shirt !

A member of the russian anarchist-punk band Pussy Riot who is jailed for having sung an anti-putin song is wearing a t-shirt at the court. With all of the mediatisation around Pussy Riot, the t-shirt even ended up on the cover page of the New York Post !

Due to this, this t-shirt became one of our best seller. So we decided to give the money to the Free Pussy Legal Defense Fund

The concerned t-shirt can be found here :

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No-Gods-No-Masters gives monthly donations to CUTV

No-Gods-No-Masters announced in May 2012 that an amount of money between $50 and $100 will be donated every months to CUTV.

CUTV (Condordia University Television) is a student-managed anti-capitalist media based in Montreal, Canada. They became popular during the 2012 student strike in Quebec which ended up to be an historical movement against neo-liberalism.

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