Donating an additional $2000 to the Anti-Fascist Defense Fund and Refugee Community Kitchen

In response to the rise of alt-right and fascists during 2017, and considering the events across the United States following the election of Donald Trump, we’ve felt the need to donate an additional $2000 to anti-fascist and pro-refugees causes. In times like these, we can’t stress enough about the importance of organizing against fascism, racism, and hate.

Our $2000 USD donation was shared between the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund and Refugee Community Kitchen.

During 2017, Antifa went from being an obscure movement of people willing to actually stand up and defend their communities from white supremacist terrorists to being the topic of the summer. This was largely because of the unprecedented wave of violence and killings committed by racist extremists this year.

Last year, we contributed $3000 to anti-fascist causes and also donated $1000 to refugees charities previously. We are happy to reiterate our solidarity this year again for these very important causes and we will continue to show support in the future.


About the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund 

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund is one of the only means of support and solidarity that anti-fascists and anti-racists can count on to have their back when they put themselves on the line against hate and have to deal with the consequences.

Modeled on the defence fund run by the Anti-Racist Action Network in the late 1990s/early 2000s, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund accepts proposals for support from anyone.  Decisions are made by a crew of individuals and groups who have donated more than $20U.S./€20/£15. Those decisions are arrived at by consensus whenever possible and by a simple majority vote in situations where consensus is not forthcoming.  The Fund publishes quarterly reports on its activities here.

As of December 2017, The Defence Fund is now donating an average of $2200USD per month to support anti-fascists and anti-racists.  This, of course, means that the fund needs to raise $2200USD every single month just to sustain the level of support it’s currently providing, and that’s assuming that things don’t get any worse than they are now.

Last quarter report (December 2017):

Click here to donate to the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund



Refugee Community Kitchen – Feeding 2500 refugees every day

Refugee Community Kitchen was created in the winter of 2015 to provide nutritious food for the refugees in the Calais and Dunkirk camps.

After months of fulfilling our mission and supplying up to 2500 meals a day at the height of winter 2016, we still find ourselves maintaining the supply of 2500 hot, healthy and nutritious meals a day, every day in the Calais and Dunkirk area.

Spring 2016 saw us embarking on building communal kitchens, supplying food ingredients, which allowed the residents in the camps to cook their own food giving the dignity of feeding and providing for their own families.

Presently (October 2017) Calais and Dunkirk are now worse than ever, the refugees have no shelter, they are sleeping in the woods, in the ditches, and under the flyovers. Refugee Community Kitchen is needed more now than ever, as it is the only hot food source in the area and is a vital lifeline.

Since December 2015 RCK has:

  • Cooked every day, 7 days a week since 1st of December 2015
  • Cooked over 1.5 million meals for refugees
  • Served over half a million tonnes of food
  • Built industrial kitchen in L’Auberge des Migrant warehouse, Calais
  • Created cold food distribution facility in L’Auberge des Migrant warehouse, Calais
  • Supported all the Community kitchens in Calais camps with food and equipment
  • Designed and Built 7 communal kitchens in the Grande Synthe/La Linere Camp
  • Built free shops and sheltered communal areas in Grande Synthe/La Linere Camp
  • Built and equipped the Kurdish Community kitchen in Grande Synthe/La Linere Camp
  • Designed and built food storage facility supplying Kurdish Community Kitchen in Grande Synthe/La Linere Camp
  • Fully equipped functioning Community bakery in Grande Synthe/La Linere Camp including tandoor ovens
  • Organised and stocked containers with essential food items for Syria
  • Delivered food and aid to volunteer groups on the ground in Paris

Click here to donate to Refugee Community Kitchen


Funds for community is an international community of punks united against capitalism, racism and authoritarianism. The website features discussion forums and is hosting the biggest online database of anarchist punk music albums downloads.

The community is collectively self-managed by its users using an anti-authoritarian moderation system. The decisions are voted through a direct democracy decision-making process involving all active forum members, which makes this community really unique of it’s kind.

In order to be able to offer thousands of downloads for free, the community had to find a way to pay its operating costs, without resorting to ads or asking for members donations. Since 2009, is donating money every year to pay 100% of the fees associated to’s development, web hosting, server administration and software licenses.

In addition to this, during 2017 we donated a significant sum of money to help the community with a very big website upgrade that was required in order to provide support for modern devices. It allowed the community to rebuild the website with much better system. This year alone, a total of over $2000 has been donated to in order to buy new software licenses, hire developers, upgrade the server and add many custom features.

Supporting the scene since 2009

At the time of publication of this article, over 17,000 members are registered on forums and have posted nearly 100,000 posts. Over 5,000 downloads are provided for free through this platform.

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$3000 donated to anti-racist causes and the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund

The sales of our anti-fascist t-shirts have made it possible to donate over $3000 USD to different anti-racist fundraisers during the last year. 2016 was a year where the upsurge of racism and extreme right was felt in different countries which means that now more than ever, the struggles against the rise of fascism must be a priority.

Causes we donated to :

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Discounted t-shirts for non-profit organizations (at production cost)

For around 10 years, we have been providing merchandise at the production cost to a significant number of activist organizations around the world to help fund their activities. We believe in activist solidarity and sharing of the means of production, so our principle is to help our comrades without making any profit.


We print, you sell

  • Items at production cost with free shipping anywhere in the world
  • Offer intended for non-profit organizations, associations, unions or other activist groups
  • Minimum order of 25 items
  • Up to 35% off with printing on demand (any items in our inventory)
  • Up to 60% off screen-printing wholesale (minimum 30x the same design)
  • Possibility to print the logo of your association
  • We offer you the services of our graphic designers for free



  1. Contact us first to confirm your eligibility for the campaign by providing some information about your project and the group you represent
  2. After we confirm your eligibility, you can place the order on our website using the promotion code provided in the e-mail instructions. This will give you an initial 15% off on your order.
  3. After checkout, forward us a copy of the invoice and then you will receive the rest of the discount through a PayPal transaction (please allow 3-5 business days).

Note: Please follow the e-mail instructions carefully. You MUST enter the promotion code to apply the first 15% discount. This is the only way for us to provide this discount due to payment processing limitations.


Sell your t-shirts on our website

Do you prefer to launch a fundraising campaign by selling t-shirts without having to manage the sales, the inventory, the website and all the technical aspects involved? Submit your project and if accepted by our team, we could sell your t-shirts in our shop.

No financial implication needed on your side! Printing on demand avoids the financial investment normally required to produce t-shirts and the risk of not selling them all. Plus, your t-shirts take advantage of the visibility of a well-established cooperative store.

Our system allows you to track sales and statistics by logging into the site via our simple interface. This allows you to see at any time all of the revenue generated by your sales. The profits are then paid to you at the chosen frequency.

With this partnership, we can provide t-shirts at production cost, even in small quantities. Ideal for smaller campaigns.


Offered services :

  • Graphic design optimization and preparation for sale
  • Managing international sales and payments
  • Printing and shipping of items (dropshipping)
  • Customer service team 7 days a week
  • After sales service and returns management
  • Computerized accounting – you are able to track your monthly sales statistics
  • Free promotion service


Note: we receive a large number of offers and unfortunately we can not accept all designs submitted to us.

R.I.P. Erik Petersen from Mischief Brew

Our deepest condolences go to the family and friends of Erik Petersen from Mischief Brew who passed away recently. A gofundme campaign has been set up to help the family – we have donated to the fundraiser and encourage you to do the same. Future sales of our Mischief Brew t-shirts will be used to help the family of Erik.

Make a donation:

Love & Rage

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$1000 for Rojava Revolution and refugees charities

Solidarity with Rojava revolution and Syrian refugees! A donation of $1000 was shared among different causes and humanitarian organizations. We think that in addition to the urgent need for humanitarian aid to a war-torn region, there is also a growing hope of a revolution that gets underway in Rojava.

Our donation was shared between the following causes (more details below)

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Donation to Women On Waves, pro-choice feminists

A new donation is added to the list as part of our support to feminist struggles. Women On Waves is a Dutch pro-choice organization that specializes in providing safe abortion means for women living in countries where abortion is illegal. Some of these services are offered on a boat that has a custom-built mobile abortion clinic.

As the Pussy Riot support ceased shortly after their release, the sales of our feminist t-shirts will now be used to fund this organization. We have just sent the first donation of $300.

Mobile abortion clinic

When wow2Women On Waves visits a country criminalizing abortion, women requesting this service are loaded on the ship to sail in international waters. The application of national criminal laws, and therefore abortion laws, extends only to territorial waters; beyond 12 miles (or 2 hours of navigation), it is Dutch law that applies aboard the boat, making it possible to offer safe and legal abortion services.

Women On Waves was created in 1999 by the physicist Rebecca Gomperts. Volunteers have made trips in Ireland (2001), Poland (2003), Portugal (2004), Spain (2008) and Morocco (2012). The activities in Portugal contributed to the legalization of abortion in February 2007.


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Full funding of & Resistance Network

Since 2009, pays the entire cost of Resistance Network’s servers, which provides IT infrastructures to host a multitude of anarchists and countercultural websites.

In the past, the network was trying to fund itself through donations from members but was receiving very few money and the server bills had to be paid by the administrators. As time progressed the server costs kept increasing due to the growing popularity of the web sites, the expansion of the network and additional projects.

In 2009, the members of the communities voted to replace the donations by a t-shirts shop and thus was born Two years later, several artists joined the collective and the project had exceeded all expectations by successfully funding Resistance Network but also to amass a surplus of income. It was decided to stay non-profit shop and donate the additional profit to other organizations.

Thus, this shop was born through the will of self-funding Resistance Network but has now become autonomous with its own self-managed collective. However, funding for Resistance Network will always remain our primary financial commitment.


What is Resistance Network ?

Resistance Network consists mainly of the following websites: : Music downloads database hosting nearly 20,000 albums and a french-speaking community for punks & skins with 25,000 members. Active since 2008. : The biggest archive of anarchist music (over 5000 albums) and an international anarcho-punk community active since 2009, counting almost 20,000 members. : The largest database of underground music from Quebec. Active since 2008. : French anarchist forums, tools for activists and publishing of subversive material. Active since 2005.

 Resistance Webzine : French anarchist news journal. Compilation and compilation : Music compilations available for sale and for free download, promoting file-sharing and anti-capitalism.

Hosting of other activist and counter-cultural websites associated with the Network and hosted on our servers.


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$1000 humanitarian donation for Palestine war victims

Wavering between three different causes for our next donation (Palestine / Ferguson / IWW), we finally passed the decision to vote (here, here and here). The result is a large majority in favor of support for Palestine due to the recent events.

Deeply in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, pledged last year to support the organization Anarchists Against The Wall.
Given the urgency of the humanitarian situation in Palestine following the recent Israeli offensive against Gaza, we are now announcing the addition of new donations to the Palestinian cause. During the last month, more than half the territory of Gaza was destroyed by bombs, including schools and hospitals. Add to that the lack of clean water, electricity, and basic humanitarian assistance.

We have donated $1000 in support of the Palestinian cause. The amount is shared between five different organizations:
– Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
– Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)
UNICEF – Palestine Section
Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP)
Gaza Legal Defence Fund (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

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Donations to the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) reiterates its goal to always give back to an organization corresponding to the activist cause expressed on t-shirts that we sell. In this context, we decided to financially support the COBP as long as needed. The amounts given are raised through revenues generated by sales of our t-shirts from the “ACAB” section and will be proportional to the number of sales. A first donation of $150 has been sent and others will follow as soon as possible.

We reiterate our solidarity with all victims of police abuse and would like to encourage all those who are mobilizing to fight against police impunity. In the past, we also made ​​donations to the G20 legal defence fund and we have supported the greek anti-fascists comrades arrested and tortured by the police during a demonstration against the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) is an autonomous group that is made up of victims, witnesses and/or those concerned by police brutality and all abuse perpetrated by the police. The collective was formed in 1995 from a defense committee for people arrested after a demonstration against Human Life International, a far right group. In light of the increasingly intense repression, social cleansing, and impunity rampant in Montreal, the COBP decided to organize on a permanent basis to continue its battle against police brutality.

The COBP’s goal is to not only denounce the harassment, violence, intimidation, arrests and abuse of power by police, but to inform people of their rights and lend support to victims by, for example, helping them to file a complaint in the police ethics system or deal with wrongful accusations. We denounce abuse by police here in Montreal and around the world in our publication “L’Agent Provocateur”. We have also published several brochures, mostly on neighbourhood policing, secret police and political espionage, as well as on “The Great Canadian Anti-Terrorism Fraud”. Since 1998, we have distributed over 35,000 copies of our booklet “Guess what! We’ve got rights?!” in French, English and Spanish to individuals and at the request of community groups that work with homeless here in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec. We also do research and collect information for databanks and archives.

The COBP does regular workshops and discussions on rights and police abuse which are available upon request. We also do Copwatch, documenting the actions of police in the streets with the help of a video camera, regular cameras and by taking down the names, badge numbers, patrol car license plate numbers, what is said and done etc.

We organize benefit shows and conferences. We sell T-shirts, buttons, patches and “Anti-Cop Mix CD’s” to help finance our work. We have a website on which we publish and archive information on police abuse, know-your-rights and COBP actions.

March 15th, International Day Against Police Brutality

Since March 15th 1997, COBP has organized an annual demonstration in the streets of Montreal to highlight the International Day Against Police Brutality, which has already spread from Canada and Switzerland to Germany, England, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal through Nigeria, the U.S and Mexico.



Whether in response to police demonstrations in daily contact with marginalized minorities in their interventions with homeless or with “ostie de carrés rouges” we must make clear to police that they can not afford to do anything, if ethics committees and courts are on his side, the street never forgets and never forgives.

Police work is permeated by arbitrary violence, behaviors and aggressive comments, abuse of authority. The press and other mass media are trying to reassure us by reminding us that there are mechanisms to punish “bad apples”, the “smudge”, the “isolated incidents”. But we are not fooled. The spring has highlighted that the majority of cases of police violence will never be punished, the police brotherhood and SPVM always defend their agents until it really becomes too messy for their public image to do so (interventions to believe the officer 728). Examples of this repressive violence are legion. Among the thousands of arrests during the strike days in jail or C.O. between the injured and deaths at the hands of cops, can we really believe in an institution whose primary task is to defend the established order into its most disgusting and most fascist abuses?

For another year we appeal to your feelings of solidarity, determination and anger. Enjoy the street, it belongs to us. We are tired of cops who arrest us, asking us our papers without having the right, invent charges so they can search us, detain us, come in our homes in the morning.


For more information, go to the march 15 section of the COBP’s website :

The need for financial support

Every year or so, during the demonstration on March 15, the police make mass arrests of hundreds of people for no reason. These arrests are also criticized by many organizations dedicated to the defense of rights and freedoms. They are also challenged in the courts and it is one of the main reasons why COBP needs financial support.

Donations collected by the COBP also serve several other causes including among others the challenge of P6 regulation which restricts the right to demonstrate in Montreal, as well as several other legal defense fund for activists arrested in different events. Meanwhile, an activist currently pursuing Montreal police in court following a series of police abuse and arbitrary arrests after being targeted by the SPVM as alleged militant close of the COBP.

Do not hesitate to make a donation to COBP: