$1,000 for Rojava Revolution and refugees charities

Solidarity with Rojava revolution and Syrian refugees! A donation of $1000 was shared among different causes and humanitarian organizations. We think that in addition to the urgent need for humanitarian aid to a war-torn region, there is also a growing hope of a revolution that gets underway in Rojava.

Our donation was shared between the following causes (more details below)

About Rojava Revolution

The dream of founding a free and independent Kurdistan has never been closer to reality than now. Alongside the war in Syria, the autonomous territory of Rojava (West Kurdistan) was born, based on principles of direct democracy, equality, ecology, feminism, and collectivism. The Rojava revolution is inspired by democratic confederalism, an ideology closely tied to libertarian municipalism, an ideology from the American anarchist Murray Bookchin.

ypjIn Syria, taking advantage of the destabilization of dictator Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the kurds began building their autonomy and organizing self-defense. From the beginning of the conflict, the kurds created their own self-defense militias against the barbary of Syrian army. They are called the YPG (People’s Protection Units). This guerrilla quickly became Rojava’s military organization by demonstrating its superiority over the Syrian forces and the Islamic State.

The YPG also has its feminist branch called the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units). This women-only brigade represents over 40% of YPG forces. The jihadists have quickly learned to fear them because the belief among them pretend that the gates of heaven will be closed to those who are killed by one of these women.

Anarchists and communists also fight in Rojava under the banner of the International Freedom Battalion, based on the same principle as the International Brigades who fought against fascism during the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

kobaneSince the beginning of the war, the city of Kobane (the central region of Rojava) is one of the most devasted places. Now liberated from the occupation of the Islamic State by the guerrillas, the city is unfortunately destroyed at over 80%

Even if the dream of a “new Chiapas is still felt, much work remains to be done and it must necessarily begin with the reconstruction of Kobanî and aid to 5 million Syrian refugees.

rojava antifa


$1000 for Kobane and Rojava Revolution!


rojava2Kurdish Red Crescent: Humanitarian non-profit organization founded in 1993 and now have a team of 120 volunteers. The organization is involved in war zones and other countries to help those affected by poverty. They have also provided aid to the Yazidis, an ethnic minority massacred by the Islamic State.


rojava4Kobanê Reconstruction Board – Help Kobane / Firefund : The organization aims to clean the city of Kobane from the debris of war and help rebuilding infrastructures and schools. They are also behind Firefund crowdfunding campaign (a new campaign is planned for November).


rojava1aHanna Böhman is a Canadian who fought with the YPJ (Womens’ Defence Unit), a women’s guerrilla fighting against Islamic State. After fighting 4 months with the Kurds, she’s going back to Rojave to continue the struggle with her comrades. A crowdfunding campaign is organized to help her get better equipment.


moasMigrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) is a foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing emergency assistance to migrants and refugeein distress situations. They have saved over 12,000 lives so far.


rojava3The Rojava Electricity Project: Crowdfunding campaign to rebuild the electricity system that was destroyed by the occupation of the Islamic State.



defend rojava

Note: Until December 31, 2015, the Canadian Government will match all humanitarian donations for Syria by donating the same amount. Thus, the government will give one dollar for every dollar given by Canadians to a charity organization, meaning that donations from the shop are doubled.

Posted on: November 2, 2015 Last update: May 24, 2019